Cyber Risk and Innovation: Friends or Foes?

WeWork. 1 Fore Street, Moorgate, London. 15 September 2015

Innovate Finance

David Stringer-Lamarre representing the Institute of Directors, City of London, was pleased to attend this informative and timely event.

The welcome address was given by Lawrence Wintermeyer, CEO of Innovate Finance, who provided a useful framework for the evening’s discussions. He also made reference to his recent conversations with the eminent Sociologist Lord Anthony Giddens, wherein they discussed people actions and reactions in the digital age.

Jennifer Arcuri, CEO, Inno Tech and Chair of the TLA Cyber Working Group ,spoke about some of the challenges involved with the internet being used as a negative tool by some people.

James Varga, CEO, miiCard spoke, about the challenges relating to identity protection and how the Blockchain and identity will come together in the near future.

Nithin Thomas, CEO, SQR systems, speaking with Poppy Wood, Chief of Staff, Cylon, discussed how his business came out of academic research and is now providing relevant and useful services to the business community.

A panel discussion followed where many topics were discussed including the role of insurance, the attractive ecosystem in the UK and the need for business leaders to be conversant with threats within the digital landscape.

Members of the panel were:

  • Peter Warren, Future Intelligence and Cyber Security Research Institute
  • Mark Cooke, Executive Principal, NCC
  • Matthew Webb, Founder, Panaseer
  • Ruth Anderson, Director in Cyber in Financial Services