‘The Future of Trade’ – Discussion

David Stringer-Lamarre, within his role as Chairman of the Institute of Directors, City of London, was pleased to have been invited to attend this discussional forum held at the Institute of Directors, Pall Mall and led by the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre.

There was a presentation of the themes and findings within the ‘Future for Trade’ white paper. Six key areas were covered and discussed.

  1. The Impact of Digital
  2. Shifting Power and Influence
  3. Funding for Trade
  4. Securing Talent
  5. Standards Driving Trade
  6. System Efficiency

It was a very good opportunities to interact with business leaders, organisational representatives, economists and journalists some to the key themes with the ability to affect global trade. Brexit was among them.

Image: Gautam Shashittal, CEO Dubai Multi Commodities Centre & David Stringer-Lamarre