‘Pioneering Visionaries: Generations in Conversation’

David Stringer-Lamarre, MD of FortisCL was very pleased for FortisCL to be a supporting partner for this inaugural event held at the L’Oscar Hotel in Central London.

The concepts underpinning the event were:

  • encouraging dynamic people to communicate and interact with each other regarding a thought leadership platform; a collective innovation hub
  • facilitating intergenerational conversations; a two way exchange of opinions and ideas

David Stringer-Lamarre spoke about the collaborative effort which lead up to the event taking place and the framework for engagement and future action.

Three pioneers and thought leaders delivered high impact presentations

  • Hannah Yang, Global Elite
  • Shelly von Strunckel
  • Jeff Haley, Lottery International

Metin Guvener, Triangle Group, among other topics, spoke of the energy and purpose that can be created when people interact and engage for a shared purpose, noting the strength that comes from being ’empowered to empower’.

Image: David Stringer-Lamarre during a media interview with China Central Television (CCTV)