‘Nexus.’ Painting in glass by leading artist Helen Whittaker FMGP

‘Nexus.’ Painting in glass by leading artist Helen Whittaker FMGP to celebrate the year as Master Glazier of David Stringer-Lamarre, MD, FortisCL.

Artist’s comments: ‘Nexus.’ Painting in glass for Master David Stringer-Lamarre, The Worshipful Company of Glaziers and Painters of Glass 2023.

This circular painting in glass celebrates David Stringer-Lamarre’s year as the Master of the Worshipful Company of Glaziers. David Stringer-Lamarre is the Managing Director of Fortis Consulting London. He specialises in making connections and creating opportunities, driving trade through cross-border engagement.

At the top of the painting in glass, golden dividers bridge across the oceans, bringing together East and West as demonstrated through David’s roles in several internationally focused organisations. Closer to home, David is building links across the banks of the River Thames between Southwark, home to the ancient guild of The Worshipful Company of Glaziers, and the City of London, a thriving centre for trade and commerce.

Below the seas, David’s engagement with Asia is symbolised by a Golden Chinese Dragon representing strength, health, good luck and prosperity. The dragon supports the shield of the City of London, with the red cross of St George, while its tail encircles the coat of arms of the Glaziers Company.

The curve of the dragon subtly follows the shape of the symbol for yin and yang, the two complementary principles of Chinese philosophy whose interaction maintains the harmony of the universe. String art – for David Stringer-Lamarre – forms the backdrop of the design, demonstrating David’s passion and skill for communication and connectedness.

The painting in glass is made from two layers of flashed glass, acid etched, with grisaille glass paint and silver stain creating the five colours of traditional Chinese culture.