Moutai – ‘Eastern Glamour, Western Elegance – London Gala Dinner’

Moutai China Chairman Ding Xiongjun. ‘Eastern Glamour, Western Elegance – London Gala Dinner’ in the Banqueting House, Historic Royal Palaces.

David Stringer-Lamarre, MD of Fortis Consulting London said “It was a great pleasure to attend this event and learn more about Moutai, particularly the developing of new products, including for the UK market.

“The opening address was delivered by John McLean OBE. This was followed by remarks by Yang Xiaoguang, Charge d’Affaires of the Chinese Embassy in the UK.

“Chairman Ding Xiongjun spoke about the history, development and future plans of Moutai. He noted three stages: fine wine; fine wine and exquisite cuisine, and third from fine wine and exquisite cuisine to a beautiful and balanced life.”

Image right to left: Moutai China Chairman Ding Xiongjun and David Stringer-Lamarre