House of Lords – Artificial Intelligence Update – London Tech Week

House of Lords – Artificial Intelligence Update – London Tech Week – IoD London ERP/Digital group. David Stringer-Lamarre, MD of FortisCL, was very pleased to be the MC for an informative and engaging event on Artificial Intelligence led by Lord Tim Clement-Jones.

A sell out audience heard the views of the speakers on a range of topics. Joel Singh, Chair of IoD London ERP/Digital group outlined the group’s objective for the rest of the year.

Lord Tim Clement-Jones: AI and the state of regulation, UK and worldwide. Pauline Norstrom: The importance of AI on the board agenda. Dev Govender MCMI ChMC: The value of benefits of Robotic Process Automation. Professor Adrian Hilton – People Centred AI. Matthew Butler-Adam: Enabling leaders to make an impact. Dr Claire Thorne: increasing diversity in the tech talent pipeline.

Images by See Li. Group, right to left: Pauline Norstrom, Dev Govender MCMI ChMC, Lord Tim Clement-Jones, David Stringer-Lamarre, Joel Singh, Professor Adrian Hilton, Dr Claire Thorne, Sharmla Chetty & Matthew Butler-Adam