‘Gender Equality & Leadership’ Birkbeck TRIGGER Conference

David Stringer-Lamarre, within his role as Chairman of IoD City of London was pleased to be a panel member within this Birkbeck University conference.

The Transforming Institutions by Gendering contents and Gaining Equality in Research (TRIGGER) project at Brikbeck University is part of a five country European consortium championing the role of female academics in scientific subjects.

The conference began with speakers sharing their findings

  • Gender Cultures – Dr Viviana Meschitti
  • Leadership – Jeanne Le Roux
  • Mentoring – Dr Viviana Meschitti
  • Babylab – Dr Teodora Gliga
  • Networking – Prof Colette Henry
  • Commercialisation – Prof Helen Lawton Smith

The panel was moderated by Prof Colette Henry. There was a wide ranging discussion about women and leadership and how systems and skills may contribute to increase the amount of women in leadership positions.

Panel members

  • Amanda Bennett, Fairplay Enterprises
  • Aggie Cooper, Aramco Overseas Company UK Ltd
  • Sally Hardy, Regional Studies Association
  • Dr Gemma Irvine, Higher Education Authority Ireland
  • David Stringer-Lamarre