Living in a New Country


These tailored seminars provide expert insight into the target country accompanied by useful advice and guidance about how to adapt to the new environment.

Employees and their families must feel prepared and ready to embark upon an overseas posting if the venture is to be a success for them and their organisation.

Fortis Consulting London offers a range of inputs and support services focused upon providing clients with the necessary information and cultural tools to make a re-location a success.

Typical content may include a discussion of the destination’s history, business culture, social networks, ex-pat living, education provision, health care and the legal, and financial requirements during the first month or so.

The important psychological aspects of pre-departure preparation, culture-shock and home sickness may also be included.

Fortis Consulting London places the individuals and/or their family at the centre of the design of the tailored input.

Service Provision

  • Pre-departure seminars
  • A seminar looking at social etiquette for international people new to living in the UK
  • Post-arrival support: email, video conferencing and telephone coaching
  • Repatriation courses – coming home. How to adjust to returning