Diplomacy – High Performance


Fortis Consulting London’s interaction with Embassies, High Commissions, companies and international organisations combined with its expertise in interpersonal engagement and cross-cultural communication is helping diplomatic staff improve their engagement with business, government organisations and other diplomats.

Coaching is available on a one to one basis (including by Skype video & telephone) or in a small group (maximum of three people). We are able to deliver ‘in-house’ seminars.

This programme is overseen by Barry Tomalin, Cross Cultural Lead at FCL and a very experienced lecturer in the field of diplomatic studies. He is author of ‘World Business Cultures. A Handbook’.

Inputs are also provided by David Stringer-Lamarre, Managing Director of FCL. He is also the Chairman of the Institute of Directors, City of London. He has spoken and moderated many business events involved members of the London diplomatic community. David can often be seen at City & wider London events.

Coaching & Seminar Inputs

  • Working with the British Government: Government department protocol and management
  • Economic Diplomacy:  Working with business and commerce
  • Effective International Communication: High performance presentation, meeting, networking and negotiation skills
  • Diplomatic Language: Understanding the message behind the message in spoken and written communication
  • Cultural Projection: Organising cultural events to raise profile and influence
  • Intercultural Communication: Understanding how other cultures work in order to build relationships and achieve results
  • Living and Working in the UK: Helping new diplomats and their families settle in and adapt to new surroundings
  • Dealing with Repatriation Shock: Helping diplomats prepare for departure and smoothing the way for re-entry to home or new postings.
  • Social etiquette: Practical help in understanding social etiquette in Britain, including hosting and attending social and diplomatic events
  • English Language Support: Support in English Language comprehension, reading and writing
  • Market briefings: New partner expectations, communication and management styles and how to adapt  to achieve best results
    • supported by our range of specialist market briefings