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Cross-Cultural Communication

High quality engagement and interaction within a diverse multi-cultural environment makes a large impact upon the level of success enjoyed by an individual, a team or an organisation.

Our team is ready to help you optimise your cross-cultural engagement, with staff and/or clients.

Sub optimal cross cultural communication can cause costs to rise and undermine the performance of the work unit.

In today’s ever more inter-connected world it is essential to have the tools and techniques to effectively communicate and engage with people from many different backgrounds.

Organisations may face many areas where they encounter cross cultural interaction. For example, the staff may be from different cultural backgrounds, clients or customers may be from a variety of countries, and it may be necessary to liaise with suppliers in different international regions.

Any organisation with cross cultural interactions (staff, clients and/or suppliers), must enable itself to optimise the engagement process.

Our seminars are designed to make people aware of the dimensions involved with cross cultural interactions and develop approaches to maximise the quality of the communication involved. These seminars provide an interesting insight into the complexities of cross cultural communication.

If you are looking to upgrade your understanding & engagement skills with respect to a particular culture &/or country then please see our section on Country Briefings.

Examples of seminars:

  • Inter-Cultural Awareness
  • Creating a Global Mindset
  • Managing Virtual Teams
  • Working in a Virtual Team
  • Leading a multinational team
  • Multi-Cultural Team Working
  • Negotiating Across Cultures
  • Managing Across Cultures
  • Optimising International Communication & Engagement
  • One Team – Bringing Diverse Groups Together in the Workplace
  • Customer Facing Cultural Awareness
  • Cross Cultural Communications – Graduate Intake


Multi-Cultural Working

Multi-cultural teams that communicate together effectively work efficiently and deliver strong results.

Effective team working = positive results (costs down and revenue/performance up)

Poor communication and team working, caused by a lack of awareness and adaptation to team members’ cultures, can result in low morale, increased costs and reduced productivity, which may in turn result in lower revenue.

Fortis Consulting London is able to partner with organisations involved in cross border mergers, acquisitions or joint ventures to plan, prepare and deliver interventions which will improve the working relationships within the new entity.

These inputs combine our consulting and seminar leading approaches. The sessions are interactive workshops where delegates are encouraged to discuss their own situations, analyse their working environments and move forward to consider appropriate real time tools and solutions.

Fortis Consulting London works with the employer to assess the challenges for the organisation and devise an intervention, focusing on ensuring performance uplift within the multi-national team. The team may involve two cultures e.g. British and Italian or several e.g. British, USA, Finnish and Indian.

The emphasis is upon leading workshops which enable people to work together in a more effective manner.

Examples of seminar focus:

  • China & UK
  • USA & India
  • Slovakia & Germany
  • UK & Italy