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Start-up and Early-stage companies in a range of sectors are looking to source talent for various projects, but have not always been successful in finding appropriate staff. Fortis Consulting London (FCL) Experienced Hires is a conduit seeking to match companies’ demands with appropriate individuals who have recently finished their degrees at UK universities; within the last 3 years.

FCL Experienced Hires brings together UK based firms with international and British candidates with relevant knowledge, aptitude and skills. FCL’s deep interest in entrepreneurship is helping companies and recent graduates, combine in a mutually beneficial relationship.

Companies have various reasons for engaging with recent graduates

  • To utilise their cutting edge knowledge and skills within their organisations
  • To locate and attract quality recent graduates as value adding employees of the company

The majority of companies will be based in & around London. FCL also engages with firms outside London. Information about the location of the company will always be provided.

Applying for a postion

When applying for consideration in line with a position, a candidate’s CV will be assessed in line with our knowledge of companies’ requirements. This includes aptitude for working in a start-up company.

Graduates will already have gained at least a 2:1 degree (or its international equivalent) in their first degree. Evidence of academic performance will be required.

Competence in English Language is essential.  Applicants must provide evidence of this

  • IELTS overall grade of 6.5 with a minimum of 6.0 in each of the subtests
  • Internationally recognised equivalents of the above e.g. TOEFL overall score of 85
  • Applicants may be required to undertake a short Skype based conversation with a member of the FCL team

Candidates will also need to fill out supporting documentation to show the alignment of their knowledge, skills and aptitude.

There will be a short Skype based video conversation in English with one of the FCL team to assess competence.

Candidates may be required to be competent in the language of a target country for certain start-ups e.g. Germany, Kazakhstan, China, Japan, Brazil.

Individuals will be informed whether or not they have been successful with their application to register on the database.

Being chosen as one of the top candidates for a position

Positions will be aligned only with the top candidates; the ‘shortlist’.

FCL will provide companies with the individual’s CV and supporting data; your permission will always first be requested.

The selected candidates’ CVs will be forwarded to the relevant company which will decide upon the candidates it wishes to interview.

Once we have received this information we will seek to find a mutually convenient time, within the company’s specifications, when an interview can take place.

Please be aware that start-ups may request to interview candidates with only a few days notice.

A position is not guaranteed

Individuals registered on the database are not guaranteed to be selected as part of the ‘shortlist for an interview and/or the position. Success will depend upon companies reading the candidate’s CV and supporting information, deciding to interview them, assessing them as competent at the interview & finally choosing them as suitable to be offered a position.

Contact FCL: operations@fortisconsultinglondon.co.uk

Currently Available Positions