Coaching for Improved Success

Coaching Areas

Our coaches are ready to work with your people to help them improve their own performance, the performance of those they interact with and the performance of the organisation. Individually designed coaching programmes deliver results which positively impact the person and the organisation.

Working one to one with an experienced coach offers the opportunity, over a period, to explore existing strengths and areas for improvement in a sustained and supportive manner. The focus is upon assisting the individual to deliver improved performance within their range of business activities.

Each programme is tailored to develop the abilities of the individual within a supportive environment. The programme may involve face to face meetings, Skype, corporate web platform or telephone based sessions or a combination of these various inputs, depending upon the requirements of the individual assignment.

Skype, corporate web platform or telephone based sessions are ideal for engaging with clients who are based overseas or travel frequently. This approach also removes the time and expense associated with travel.

Trust and integrity are at the core of our approach.

Fortis Consulting London has a wide range of experienced and talented coaches with experience spanning commercial and public sector organisations. As a leader in Cross Cultural Communication we cover international and cross cultural skills; this is a central part of success in today’s interconnected world.

Coaching Areas

Cross Cultural Engagement

The ability to communicate and work across cultures greatly enhances the ability to achieve results in the modern world. This might be focused upon a company with multi-national staff and/or multi-national clients, either in the UK or spread around the globe. Fortis Consulting London is particularly strong in this area given its expertise in the field of international business cultures and cross cultural communication.


Effective communication has a positive impact upon the success of personal and business relationships. Relevant areas may include communication with colleagues, with clients or with an audience. FCL coaches will look at some of the drivers and barriers to effective communication. Some areas might be ‘what is the message?’ ‘How is it best communicated?’ (This is an essential area to consider if cross cultural aspects are involved). ‘What skills are needed?’ ‘How might success be measured?’

Organisational Development & Cultural Change

The ability of managers to deliver and drive organisational development and create a culture that engages with change is greater than ever. FCL inputs may be focused upon engagement skills, effective delegation or perhaps generating ‘buy in’. If an element of the development is cross border issues we are ideally placed to provide input because of our deep experience with world cultures. As well as having experience working with commercial enterprises the team has noted expertise within the Higher Education and Public Health sectors.


Mindfulness techniques have the ability to improve performance at work. The FCL team is experienced in this area of coaching. When practiced regularly the techniques may improve productivity, focus and efficiency. Work related stress may also be reduced. Mindfulness is a technique for consciously paying attention to the present moment. The increased focus and heightened awareness is used to develop concentration and observation of what is happening, and how to manage it. Mindfulness techniques can be used to effectively manage complex work situations and tasks.

School & University Interviews

Competition for places at British private schools and universities is increasing. It is essential for applicants to perform to the best of their ability during the interview.

Fortis Consulting London has a wealth of experience in working with children and young people to prepare them for their interviews. We are able to assist international and UK based applicants.

Please visit the dedicated page ‘School & University Interviews’.

Internship & Job Interviews

Fortis Consulting London’s work with companies, its expertise in interpersonal engagement and its deep knowledge of cross-cultural communication is helping students and recent graduates improve their chances of finding employment or an internship.

Coaching is available on a one to one basis (including by Skype video & telephone) or in a small group (maximum of three people). We are able to deliver seminars for groups of 4 or more; these are available in London or if the group is large enough at locations around the UK.

Please visit the dedicated page ‘Internship & Job Interviews’.