Private Sector Engagement


The objective of the consultancy is to enable the organisation to improve its communication & engagement with its private sector targets.

It is led by David Stringer-Lamarre, Managing Director of FCL & Chairman of the Institute of Directors, City of London.

Many universities, public & third sector organisations wish to connect & engage effectively with companies in the private sector.

Some objectives:

  • Sell their services & expertise to private companies
  • Engage with private sector companies to generate investment
  • Uplift their own profile by partnering with high visibility companies
  • Generate research income
  • Benefit from private sector knowledge & skills to improve organisational performance

Organisations often find engagement difficult resulting in many missed opportunities. This may be for a variety of reasons, including the following:

  • A lack of a clear engagement strategy
  • Inability to ‘speak the language’ of the private sector
  • Failure to articulate the beneficial reasons to work together
  • Not using a range of techniques to make & maintain contact
  • Ineffective business development strategies &/or skills


Our analysis involves a consideration of the current position of your organisation.

  • What are your value propositions?
  • Who are your targets?
  • How are you engaging with them?
  • Why should they buy from you?

The project scope will be tailored to the needs of each organisation. Here are some potential analytical areas for consideration:

  • How appropriate is the private sector engagement strategy?
  • Are the marketing and PR practices supporting corporate engagement? Is your organisation ‘well known’ amongst companies?
  • Are you ‘selling’ the right things? Does the market want them?
  • Are the value propositions to the client simple and clear?
  • Quality & quantity of corporate connections
  • What are the skills levels of key staff?
  • [Do people understand the organisational objectives?]
  • [How far are staff ‘buying into’ the corporate engagement strategy?]

Analysis may involve a consideration of hard & soft copy documentation and meetings with relevant people and teams (Leadership, Marketing, HR, Business Development, Corporate Engagement etc.).