Customer Focused Strategy

customer-ball-2-350-by-320We assist companies to assess and align their strategies to their markets and their customers, making success more probable. 

Well formulated and implemented strategy drives the success of an organisation. 

How focused is your organisation upon delivering value to the end user?

Our team works with clients to help with the creation or review of an organisation’s Customer Focused Strategy. Our inputs may involve workshops, focus groups and/or facilitation of the strategy process. 

Fortis Consulting London partners with organisations to assess how they can improve. This includes retention of existing customers, as well  as how to better engage with potential ones. At the same time consideration is given to creating the depth and breadth of spend among existing customers.

Effective customer focused orientation can become not only a competitive advantage, with existing customers ‘carrying the brand’, but also a ‘barrier to entry’ if the relationship is strong enough.