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Fortis Consulting London is pleased to partner with this leading edge consulting business owned & led by world class academics from Imperial College London and Texas A&M University. David Stringer-Lamarre, Managing Director of Fortis Consulting London is an alumnus of Imperial College London so there is a strong link between the two businesses.

Adding value to client’s companies is the central objective.

Inputs include the development of value-add software, next generation numerical methods, machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data strategies, software development paradigms, computing hardware and the creation & implementation of full stack multi-disciplinary simulation workflows.


  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • BioTech
  • FinTech
  • MedTech
  • Oil & Gas
  • Renewable Energy


Technical – Next Generation

Delivering deep insight to the client and enabling them to drive development, the team uses its involvement and expertise in leading edge technology. This premium bespoke service deploys world leading expertise and understanding of numerous technical components including numerical methods, machine learning and artificial intelligence, software development paradigms and computing hardware.


Assisting client to make the most suitable investment decisions in line with their organisation’s needs. The team’s deep expertise is used to help clients make informed strategic choices generating added value for the company and its investors

Process Efficiency

The focus is upon delivering improved and efficient processes. This may result in increases in output and/or reductions in costs. The team, using its globally recognised knowledge and skills looks at existing systems through a ‘performance improving lens’.

‘End to End’

Quantitative results are produced which add value to the client’s activities.

The team undertakes computational and mathematical analysis of physical problems via full stack multi-disciplinary simulation workflows. As a result of being involved in research & development at the cutting edge of these technologies the team is capable of providing high level inputs.

Their knowledge and skill is combined with experience in managing complex workflows across theory, computation and experimentation.

Findings may be used in funding/investment and company sale documents. This service is also used to support patent applications.