Wealth Management

High quality advice relating to wealth management, whether to individuals or businesses, can provide important input to the decision making process.

Fortis Consulting London is pleased to highlight this service offered by our network partners.

Many aspects of financial planning are available across a wide spectrum of needs faced by individuals and businesses (including corporate financial planning & investments).

With respect to service provision for individuals, there are three broad categories:

  1. Building & preserving capital (e.g.investments and pensions)
  2. Financial protection against risk (e.g. life assurance and health insurance)
  3. Managing cash & borrowings (e.g. mortgages and lending)

Individuals have widely differing needs, situations and financial resources. Our partners take a holistic approach of each person’s specific position and requirements.

Our network partners are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Fortis Consulting London does not provide any financial advice.