CX – Journey Analytics

The suite of services is designed to optimise and ensure a company’s digital customer experience (CX) by trialling and testing apps, digital devices, web portals and company processes.

In the digital transformation era, every company is particularly focused on improving relationships with their customers. They know that to beat the competition, they need to be better than others by offering the highest “quality” services and products.

As a result they are the leading European provider of customer engagement solutions that empowers digital leaders to deliver the finest experiences to their customers on any device, at any time, in any place.

Alongside their technical divisions they have a very innovative business unit of crowdsourcing, which allows them to deliver ultimate best practices with regards to crowdtesting, UX/CX, end-to-end analysis of customer journey, and multichannel for digital, physical and mixed services. In addition, their solutions could also be used for the analysis of internal organisational climate, so to better listen to the employees’ voice (internal customer) and improve the adoption of procedures and practices.

Their system offers 4 combinable aspects:

  • Technical – quality assurance and improvement
  • Experience – assurance and optimisation of the customer journey
  • Reputation – protection
  • Visibility – uplift