Customised Travel Risk Briefings

It can be very daunting travelling to a new, unfamiliar and potentially challenging part of the world. Customised Travel Risk Briefings can help.

By identifying the relevant hazards and implementing proper mitigation procedures, individuals and organisations can reduce their risk exposure and focus on completing the tasks at hand.

Customised Travel Risk Briefings typically contain:

  • Contextual analysis
  • Risk assessment information
  • Trend identification
  • Strategic forecasting
  • Country comparative indicators
  • Relevant mitigation advice

14 Aug 2002 --- Three Globes Showing Continents --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

The contents examine everything from climate to culture, from petty crime to terrorism and much more, providing individuals and organisations, with the relevant information they need to prepare for their journey.

These briefings are individually tailored so that they are directly applicable to the client.

The goal is not to stop people from travelling or to disrupt their work, it is to help them travel and work more effectively and safely, achieving their aims while minimising risk.

Fortis Consulting London is pleased to be able to highlight this service offered by one of our network partners. Please contact us for more information.