‘London Space Industry – Careers & Entrepreneurship Launch.’

Organised by the Institute of Directors (IoD) – London Region- ERP/Digital group. David Stringer-Lamarre, MD of FortisCL and Chairman of IoD London Region was pleased to deliver the opening comments at this London Tech Week event.

The speakers were Joel Singh, Kate Roddy, Neils McKenzie-Wood, Sam Adlen & Anushka Sharma.

Space Entrepreneurship incubators: Space entrepreneurs exploit the opportunity to solve problems that have not been solved before and reap the rewards associated by being early movers. When something is launched in space, it has to be light, robust, highly energy efficient and has a long life. This opens avenues to innovate in areas like manufacturing, exotic materials, launch services, earth observation, navigation, communication, etc

What Could An Aerospace Technology Career Mean for You? Aerospace workers are professionals who work independently or as part of a team. They conduct research, and design and develop vehicles and systems for atmospheric and space environments. Individuals who are successful in aerospace careers have the proper educational background, possess good communications skills, and are committed to being part of a team. A wide variety of aerospace career fields offers opportunities for high job satisfaction and excellent compensation.