University of Liverpool Webinar: ‘Engaging with International Markets’

David Stringer-Lamarre, MD of FortisCL was pleased to deliver a webinar for the University of Liverpool Management School, looking at ‘Engaging with International Markets.’ He is an alumnus of the University, having studied Law. The webinar may be viewed on the following page (scroll down):

The webinar focused on two main areas:

  1. International Trade – some basics
  2. Doing business with different cultures

Within the 1st section David looked at:

  • Is there a market for you?
  • Support & advice networks?
  • Who is already there?
  • Market entry options?
  • Legal and financial position?
  • Distribution channels?
  • Winning clients/customers?

In the 2nd section he considered international business cultures:

  • Approach to time (flexible vs fixed)
  • Leadership style (vertical vs flat)
  • Negotiating
  • Decision making
  • Attitude to risk (high vs low)
  • Communication preference (indirect vs direct)
  • Personal or team focus