Institute of Directors & Keizai Doyukai Japan discuss the impact of artificial intelligence

‘Institute of Directors (IoD) & KEIZAI DOYUKAI Japan Association of Corporate Executives discuss the impact of artificial intelligence on business practices – roundtable discussion in London.’ Event report.

David Stringer-Lamarre, MD, Fortis Consulting London, said “I was very pleased to be present and exchange views with the visiting delegation from Japan, led by O. Sam Mogi, and fellow members of the Institute of Directors (IoD).”

‘Opening the discussion, Dr Indranil Nath, Fellow and Chair of the IoD Japan Business Group, said, “The impact of AI can already be felt in many areas of our lives, and it has raised several questions about the responsible, safe and beneficial use of the transformational power of AI. Business, regulators, and the risk functions are rushing to keep pace.”’

Fortis Consulting London is active in international business development.

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