Henan Normal University Alumni Association UK

David Stringer-Lamarre, within his role as Chairman of the Institute of Directors, City of London, was pleased to have been invited to this launch event of the Henan Normal University Alumni Association UK.

Minister Counsellor Gang and Minister Counsellor Wang of the Embassy of China made speeches celebrating this important event.

The Vice president of Henan Normal University, Dr. Ma and Director Wei spoke about the importance of having strong and vibrant connections between the University and its alumni.

The mission of Henan Normal Alumni Association UK is to carry on the long history and tradition of the University, to strengthen the communication and the friendship between the alumni, and the University and its alumni, to support the alumni in the UK, to promote Henan Normal University and its partnerships, and to serve the local communities in the UK.

Image: Left to right: Vice President Dr Ma Zhijun, Dr Chan Cheng & David Stringer-Lamarre