Exclusive Experiences

Customised experiences that will make your visit to London or stay in London memorable. These can be delivered in English with interpreters (if necessary), Arabic, French or German. We have a diverse range of seminar leaders including Angela Harwood, Contessa Postiglione and David Stringer-Lamarre. Sessions can be arranged for a few friends or larger groups.


Learn about British culture, social etiquette, visit exclusive locations and enjoy a London that only few see.


Private clubs are truly part of British cultural heritage and modern life in London


We are able to design and deliver many events and experiences for you that take place within ‘members only’ traditional private clubs. These may be social etiquette seminars or masterclasses on a range of topics.


Dining Etiquette. Learn the rules of formal British dining whilst putting it into practice!

Private dining rooms are available within members only clubs.


Depending on the time of year and availability, you will be able to visit exclusive locations in London


White Tie Banquets in the Mansion House in the City of London and Black Tie dinners.

Learn the rules of British Social Etiquette, prepare for a fantastic evening and then experience it!



  • Beauty Products
  • Chocolate Tasting
  • Tea Tasting
  • Jewellery, art, fashion, couture


Combine a social etiquette session (in a private members club) with a visit for High Tea at the Ritz or Claridges.

Visit exclusive shopping areas, not frequented by tourists.

Image Consulting and dressing for business


  • British Social Etiquette
  • Dining Etiquette in a ‘private dining room’ in a private members club. Learn and practise at the same time
  • Dinning Etiquette theory in a private members club followed by dinner at a high quality restaurant with your etiquette specialist
  • Formal dinner event at the Mansion House. White Tie or Black Tie
  • Black Tie formal dinner in a City of London Livery Company
  • Visit to the Houses of Parliament
  • Visit to the Guildhall in the City of London
  • Beauty Products presentation & ‘make up’ session; private members club
  • Chocolate tasting in a private members club
  • Exclusive tea tasting session in a private members club
  • Private talks on art, jewellery, fashion, couture in a private members club
  • Visit exclusive shops and shopping areas