British Social Etiquette

Britain – its Heritage, its People and its Social Etiquette

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Effective engagement with people living in Britain will result in improved relationships and an increase in confidence in social and business situations. British etiquette, especially in formal situations can cause a great deal of nervousness and stress for foreign nationals living in the UK.

Angela at Royal Ascot

This programme is overseen by David Stringer-Lamarre, pictured below, the Managing Director of Fortis Consulting London, who brings his knowledge of social etiquette, experience of formal occasions and interacting with people from many nationalities. Angela Harwood, Contessa Postiglione provides significant input with respect to protocol, etiquette and British culture.

British culture may at first appear very complex and rather peculiar, but it is possible to develop an understanding of how people are expected to behave in a variety of situations. Britain has changed and foreign views of the way it is now are almost always out of date in some respects.

The Fortis Consulting London team, combining their knowledge of cross cultural communication, British etiquette and the English language explain how contemporary etiquette works and discuss the British culture that underlies it. The seminars consider techniques to interact successfully with British people and have some fun at the same time!

Private seminars

The programmes are adaptable to the needs of each individual group and its size. The Fortis Consulting London team is very experienced in engaging with people from many different countries and working with interpreters.

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One to one private coaching is available.

The art of formal dining & an introduction to wine tasting are included in the seminars as this can often be a complex area e.g. breaking & eating bread, or knowing which glass to use.

The Dining Etiquette Seminar involves a tutored dinner where attendees discuss the rules of etiquette & then practise them with food & wine over three courses. It is led by David Stringer-Lamarre, Managing Director of Fortis Consulting London, who has deep knowledge and experience within this area. There is a minimum group size of 3 and a maximum of 35. For groups over 10, this seminar is held in a private dining room.

(Image, left to right, The Master Carmen Mark Griffiths, Alderman the Lord Mountevans the Lord Mayor & David Stringer-Lamarre)

Seminars are delivered in a central London private members’ club.

List of Seminars

  • Engaging with Britain – dining etiquette (evening seminar including a three course dinner)
  • Engaging with Britain, its people & etiquette (one day seminar)
  • Engaging with Britain, its people & etiquette (half day or evening seminar)
  • ‘Deportment, Style & Etiquette’ (half day or evening seminar)

Please contact us for further information & the relevant group fee.

Some topic areas within the seminars

  • Social meetings
    • how to enter a conversation
    • what to say
    • how to leave
  • Conversation topics & ‘small talk’
  • British attitudes and values – fair play, courtesy, tolerance and informality
  • The use of humour by the British
  • British indirectness – How to get over the problems it can cause
  • What to wear for business and formal occasions
  • Where to shop and what to buy – British understatement
  • The art of formal dining
  • Wine – introduction to the knowledge and skills of drinking & tasting wine