Nursery & Preparatory Schooling: London

Fortis Consulting London is pleased to partner with Eaton House Schools, which has two campuses. Eaton House Belgravia and Eaton House The Manor situated in Clapham.

  • Co-educational nursery, age 3 to 4 years
  • Boys Pre- Preparatory, age 4 to 7 or 8 years
  • Boys Preparatory age, 8 to 11 or 13 years
  • Girls Pre-Preparatory, age 4 to 11 years (Clapham only)

Key Features:

  • Quality Education and high academic achievement
  • Caring staff
  • Individual attention
  • Strong heritage
  • Wide curriculum and range of activities and sports
  • Excellent wellbeing programme

Founded in 1897 and family-led, Eaton House is a group of top-tier private schools in London and is non-selective at 3+ and 4+ entry. The schools offer a nurturing pathway to some of the top academic London day schools and boarding schools across the country, including Westminster, James Allen’s Girls’ School (JAGS), St Paul’s School, Dulwich College, Winchester, Wycombe Abbey and Eton. Many boys and girls achieve academic and non-academic scholarships to future schools, due to the personalised, stimulating and fun learning approach, enabling each boy and girl to blossom emotionally and academically within a supportive environment.

Sports, music and drama play a key feature in the education, with nearly 30 after school clubs to enjoy, enabling the children to develop into rounded, intelligent, inquisitive and confident young people.

There is a heritage of educating the children of international families staying or living in London.


Do contact us for more information and to directly connect with our dedicated educational specialist at Eaton House Schools: