Sichuan Cultural Tourism

David Stringer-Lamarre, MD of FortisCL and Chairman of the Institute of Directors, London Region, was pleased to speak at this event organised by the Confucius Institute for Business London at the London School of Economics.

The welcome address was delivered by Dr Neil McLean, Director, Academic & Professional Development, London School of Economics.

Councillor Xia Jianhui, Embassy of China, spoke about the importance of cultural tourism to the economy as well as to the strengthening of understanding between countries.

Yao Jieping, Sichuan Cultural & Tourism Development Committee provided a detailed briefing upon activities within Sichuan.

David Stringer-Lamarre spoke about the strong bonds that exist between the UK and China and the growing interest among British tourists regarding China, including Sichuan, which received 280,000 UK visitors in 2018.