IoD: Government’s guidance fails to inspire confidence in the return to work

Responding to the Government’s latest guidance for businesses in England on returning to work, Dr Roger Barker, Policy Director at the Institute of Directors, said:

“Like everybody else, businesses across the country have been awaiting ‘freedom day’ with bated breath. But instead we have had a series of mixed messages and patchwork requirements from Government that have dampened that enthusiasm. Return to work or continue to stay at home. Throw away your masks or continue to wear them. Today’s long-awaited guidance from Government has done little to dispel that confusion.

“Whilst it is right that companies should be allowed to take decisions based on their unique circumstances, it is vital that government provides businesses with best practice in developing their own policies. However, business leaders are understandably confused as to the legal status that this guidance has and are concerned about vulnerability under health and safety legislation, as well as the validity of their insurance.”

“What Government needs to do is inspire confidence amongst the country’s businesses and workforce that we can all begin to return to work safely. Today’s series of rather obvious statements does little or nothing to that end.”